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Are you a home owner & looking for a change in your life?
How many times have you not captured yourself to relish moments of peace in a traditional residence with the typical Tuscan colours;
How many times did you not envy the warmth of a home pliable by the scent of French nature?
How many times did you dream of moving yourself into a white house with a sunset background in Santorini?
How many times have you not imagined yourself living in a home off fragrances & colours of the Mediterranean?
Which one of you would not like a life in a home of memories offered by the old unique objects our ancestors lived with?
Are you a professional business owner & desire to offer your space [the space to be] to your customers giving them a happy experience with a difference?
Welcome we’re happy to share our expertise advice, our ideas, our creative interventions, listening to our clients’ needs working together & providing good choice off selected materials designs & colors will renew your everyday life!
Our experienced & excellent services by Yiannis Sarakis & Team we will do all the hard work for you & help your dreams transform & rejuvenate your home or business environment..
Watch this space become exciting, warm & welcoming ….


Do you want to renovate your home? But have not yet taken some basic decisions.Such as layout, colours, furniture and other important elements that will determine the outcome?
The cuisine according to research tends to regain the old charm, preferring more and more home-grown food as an essential way of communicating with loved ones and the family.

  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Loundry
  • Shop Fitting Renovation
  • Hospitality Renovation
  • Loundry Decks & Pergolas Renovation


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